Data and Financial Accounting for Mutual Savings Groups

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Community Saving Fund (CSF) is a data and financial accounting app for mutual savings groups, community savings clubs and other investment groups that provide a platform to manage comprehensive financial transactions and record management.


CSF cuts across most savings groups operating around the globe. CSF provides solutions and manages savings groups’ records to differentiate itself from other savings groups known by different names in different regions.

Every group can customize the app's functions according to their region, such as selecting a region, currency, and group members. CSF provides solutions for stokvels, village banking, chit funds, Chamas, savings and credit cooperative organizations, savings and internal lending communities, investment groups, savings groups, credit associations, and many more mutual funds.


  • View a dashboard where you can track and manage your financial activities.

  • Make monthly savings and monthly group contributions.

  • Carry out in-app payments from any mobile money provider or bank account to the group account.

  • Conduct online and offline transactions and attach your proof of payment.

  • Monitor your total savings and investment.

  • View your total groups’ contributions and outstanding account balances.

  • Request and apply for a loan from your group.

  • Track your monthly contributions in real-time, showing your current payout amount, your total group investment as well as individual group investment.

  • Oversee loan management and select your loan type (interest or compound).

  • Receive due date alerts.

  • Manage your social fund or insurance fund.

  • Enable seamless processing of group loan disbursements and in-app transfers from individual accounts to the group pool account and in reserve.

  • Schedule instalment payments and access your passbook to view all loan transaction details.

  • Generate reports and transaction history on a daily basis.

Invite your savings group members


    • The group administrator can download the app, invite group members and access CSF for free. Once the free trial has expired, the group administrator is responsible for the monthly subscription fee to access the app on behalf of its members. 

    • The group administrator registers their group on the landing page and invites group members via text. Once members receive the invitation, they can accept and register. Members then download the app from google play or apple app store, log in, and can view group activities such as group savings, a contributions summary of loans, loan applications from the group, payment information, and many more features.   

    • The administrator sets up group objectives according to the group’s parameters and guidelines. The app promotes transparency, efficiency, and accuracy to group members who can view their real-time savings and investments to allow ease of investment planning.


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